The Glass FX DAC DSD WiFi provides the natural organic analog sound for your digital setup.

An award winning Digital to Audio converter (DAC) with a heart of glass and no solid state op amps in the signal path.

We have taken our original Glass FX DAC to the logical conclusion of today’s technology, we have added a custom designed DSD board in which hi definition digital is clean, clear, rich, lush and smooth with the emotion of an analog presentation.

Lest we forget, you can add in pace and separation and a deep tight bass. With Wifi, your music is only a few clicks away from your smart phone, Television or computer. Brings new meaning to digital air play.

Construction Details & Features

  • Chassis: Compact Design
  • Amplification of Analog Signal: done exclusively via Vacuum tubes.
  • Volume control: can be used as a passive preamplifier
  • DAC Chip: PCM 1795 TI (Burr-Brown)
  • DSD Chip: Savi Bravo SA9227
  • WIFI: AirPlay Certified 32Bit/192kHz, DSD 64/128 /IEEE 802.11n 2.4GHz

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Output Level:0 V to 2.3V  (±1dB, 47K ohms)(SIN SIGNAL 0dB SPDIF IN)
Frequency Response:20-20 KHz   (±0.5dB
Bandwidth:10Hz to 70kHz + 1dB
Distortion THD:Less than 0.01% (1kHz)
Dynamic Range:126 dB
Headphone Impedance:30 ohms
Output Impedance:1.25K @ 1KHz
SNR:>90dB ( 20Hz-20kHz)
Tube Complement:2 pcs. 12AX7
Power Requirements:110V-120 VAC 60Hz or 220-240 VAC 50Hz
Dimensions:8 inches wide by 7 inches deep by 3 inches high
Weight:6 pounds (2.72 Kg) net, approximately 8 pounds (3.62 Kg) packaged
Warranty:12 months limited parts and labor. Six months or 1000 hours whichever comes first.
Fuse:110 - 120 VAC, 1 Amp slo Blo; 200 - 240 VAC, .5 Amp slo Blo, Size 5mm X 20mm
  • 2 Output Tubes: 12AX7
  • Power Cord, Antenna, and USB cable
  • Manual and Warranty Info

Black Ice Audio  FX DAC DSD WIFI