Fusion F100 Monoblocks

Designed with the breakthrough Odyssey Circuit

The new Black Ice Audio F100 is a state-of-the-art mono tube power amplifier sporting a new breakthrough circuit design by Jim Fosgate - that includes a touch sensor, LEDs, and a look that wants attention.

The dual chassis design is laced with carbon fiber and mirror-finished glass panels decked out with a LED back lit touch sensor, that provide a rigid home for the one of the newest circuits to date.

The Odyssey Circuit, designed in 2015, is a dual phase V drive circuit. With El34 power tubes, it pumps out 120 watts of pure tube magic. Silky smooth and emotional, the days of the smoke filled, low light jazz clubs are making a come back.

Using the Exact Biasing Vu meter, changing over to the 6550/KT88 power tubes is a breeze and the F100 becomes 140 watts of dynamic force to rock any room.

When it’s time to kick it up a notch, the F100 can be bridge with another F100 to double the wattage and experience music at concert level.

Construction Details & Features

  • Features: Uses EL34 or 6550 tubes. Can be easily bridged with two cables. and touch sensor on/off switch.
  • Custom Wound Audio Transformers with a core of German grain oriented silicon steel. The output transformers are based on the Hafler design.
  • Exact Bias System: Top panel bias testing terminal with bias adjustment controls and built in meter.
  • State of the Art Components: Gold plated RCA input jacks, Black Ice Audio coupling caps.
  • Low Feedback Design: Only 4.5 dB

Explore In-depth

Listener Notes


The signature sound of the F 100 is a fine line of transparency and musicality that results in an accurate, yet organic & natural washing-over affect.

Because of this wonderful mix, choosing the right tube will have a major impact on the overall sound of the amplifier.

Unlike other manufacturers where the circuits in their equipment require you to use a certain type of tube and brand with their products, the Black Ice Audio amplifiers make it easy for you to roll different types and brands.

With the use of the on-board meter and the tuning wand provided with the product, you’re able to bias accordingly. It’s that easy.


The stock preamp tubes you can choose from are the 12ax7 by Tung Sol or the 12ax7 by Svetlana.

The Tung Sol 12ax7 is a very clear sounding tube with crisp sparkling highs, focused mid range and a tight base. Where the Svetlana 12ax7 will give you smoother highs, a warmer, fuller mid range and a textured bass. Both tubes give a very three-dimensional holographic soundstage.


The stock power tubes are Electro Harmonics EL-34 and the Tung Sol 6550.

The EL-34 will provide the listener with a sound that is best used for simplistic music like jazz and vocals. The result is sweeter highs, fuller and warmer mid range that show off the nuances in the music. Best for vocals and a punchy base that will drop off at 28 Hertz.

The Tung Sol 6550 ss for dynamic music like rock, hip-hop and big classical. The sound will have neutral highs and mid range with stronger better bass. The bass will roll off between 22 and 23 Hz providing more slam and dynamics.


In regards to tube rolling, the owner of the F 100 can enjoy exploring and doing a little research. This includes learning that tubes from different regions of the world produce different types of sounds in the amplifier.

For example; Tubes from Russia will have a very clear defined type of sound Extended highs, focus mid range, and a tight bass. Where as tubes from America are going to have smoother highs, fuller mid range and more of a boom boom in the bottom end. You will find tubes from Germany are articulated compared to the tubes from China were the highs are rolled off with a very lush mid range and a bit of a sloppy bass.

Knowing where tubes come from will help you decide which sound is right pair for you and your system.
Advanced Engineering Notes

Circuit board layout

Only two circuit boards: Control board Signal/power supply board - integrated to lower labor cost to continue offering price to performance for the customer. One reason we are able to offer the prices we do. (Less connections for less chances of failure).

Tube biasing

We know how difficult and time consuming biasing tubes can be. So we incorporated Exact Biasing to the design to make it as easy as possible. The centralized back lit Vu Meter and the Biasing selector switch make checking the bias amperage in real time simple with a turn off the knob. Using the provided tuning wand and the back lit Vu Meter each tube can be biased exactly where you want it.

Touch sensors

We wanted to incorporate led back lit touch sensors to the design to make the front panel as sleek and smooth as possible and to have that seamless mirror finish. Having touch sensors the user interface is as modern as the current cell phones and appliances on the market today. We use the most up to date capacitance sensors to handle the extreme temperatures that tube amps generate yet allowing the user to use the slightest touch to command.


The Dual chassis is an unique design. Each chassis is 3mm thick Stable and sturdy construction Aluminum backed glass on transformer cover. Face plate is steel backed glass.


Multifunction IR steel remote

Headphone output

Tapped off the output transformers / no solid state devices. We use resistors to lower the voltage to the output

Output transformers

Hafler design

Power transformer

Iron core / Premium copper wire.
Upgrades Available

Upgrade 1

Parts list

  • 18 ga o.o.c. Single crystal solid core cooper wire on inputs
  • 12 ga o.f.c. Cryogenically treated stranded copper wire on speaker outputs.
  • Jupiter HT Aluminum beeswax coupling capacitors.
  • Vishay Naked Z Foil resistors on grid of all tubes.

The Results

More sparkle in the highs, smoother yet more detailed and defined.

Mid range has more nuance, emotion, accuracy and maintains control of the focused 3 dimensional image with Increased weight, air, and dynamics.

Bass becomes tighter, with more detail and texture.

Price: $2200.00 per pair

Upgrade 2

It's up to you...

If you would like something specific - we can customize our amps to fit your requirements.

Call us directly to discuss.
*It is still best to purchase through your local dealer
Awards & Reviews

Supporting Info


$7800 with EL34s a pair

$8200 with 6550s a pair

$8650 with KT150s a pair

Rated Output Power:140 W per channel at 8 ohms, 25Hz to 60KHz with 6550 Tubes
120 W per channel at 8 ohms, 28Hz to 72KHz with EL34 Tubes
Frequency Response:(at 1 watt into 8 ohms) 8Hz to 130KHz + 1dB
Bandwidth:15Hz to 80KHz + 3dB; 0dB 60 W 1KHz
Distortion THD:Less than 1% at 20 V output, 28Hz to 15KHz
Circuit Type:Fully Balanced differential push pull
Input Impedance:100Kohms
Input Sensitivity:1V at 1KHz for 120/140 watt output
Output Impedance:4 ohms and 8 ohms
Negative Feedback:Less than 4.5 dB
Noise and Hum:95dB below rated output
Tube Complement:4 pcs. EL34 or 6550 power output; 4 pcs. 12AX7A/ECC83
Power Requirements:110V-120 VAC 60Hz 1 watts-standby, 450 watts maximum (220 VAC 50Hz option)
Dimensions:13.5 inches (34cm) wide by 15.5 inches (40cm) deep by 8.75 inches (22 cm) high
Weight:41 pounds (22 Kg) net, approximately 48.5 pounds (27 Kg) packaged
Warranty:Three year limited parts and labor. One year or 1000 hours whichever comes first on Black Ice Audio Tubes.
Bias Settings:40 milliamps + 5 mA for EL 34s, 50 milliamps + 5 mA for 6550s
Fuse:110 - 120 VAC, 6.3 Amp slo Blo; 200 - 240 VAC, 3.15 Amp slo Blo Size 5mm X 20mm
  • F100 Power Amplifier
  • 4 Power Tubes: Choice of EL34's, 6550's or KT150s
  • 2 Pre-amp Tubes: 12AX7
  • Bias Tuning Wand
  • Textured Gloves
  • Power Cord
  • Dust Cover Bag
  • Accessory Bag with Manual, Glass cleaning cloth, Warranty Info

Black Ice Audio  Fusion F100