The Brand

Black Ice Audio is a collaboration of Jim Fosgate, Jerred Dunkerson, & the Black Ice Audio team who design, engineer & manufacture hifi products - Engineered for Everyone.

Our relationship with Jim Fosgate started in 2010. During this time we have gone from manufacturing his designs for other brands - to working side by side developing and manufacturing under our own brand.

The collaboration has inspired a new approach to audio engineering - circuit wizard meets innovative engineering - resulting in revolutionary advances in hifi valve technology and spatial audio circuitry.

Our common philosophy and goal is to make elite hifi audio accessible to as many people as possible by offering the highest value in the industry. So whether you are new to HiFi gear and tubes, or a seasoned audiophile who knows their circuitry and components - our products are engineered to provide an exceptional listening experience... Thus our brand statement:
Designed & Engineered in Maryland USA